Sister Circle

Magic happens when we support each other with love and compassion. We hold a safe and sacred space for each other as we listen with an open heart and mind.

Sister Circle is….


Women gathering in circle is an ancient tradition which seems to have been lost over the years. We are reviving and renewing this powerful tradition to lift women into their greatest and truest expression of themselves. The ethos of a circle is to come together to share time together and learn about ourselves and each other. It is optional to speak, some come to simply be in the presence of a group of women sharing stories. We can deeply learn about and feel ourselves as we listen to others speak on their own experiences.


The way it works….


We get together occasionally on an evening close to the fullness of the moons cycle. We hold a safe and sacred space for each other as we listen with an open heart and mind. You could say that this approach is the ‘heart’ of the circle as it is the most vital part, it is what makes the environment safe and allows the opportunity for people to heal their wounds. Just by getting together and having a chat we can feel lighter and clearer.


Non judgement….


Together we learn to stop judging ourselves and others as we recognise the similarities that we all have. We all just want to be loved, every human on this planet just wants to be loved and accepted.


The Power of sitting in a circle with an intention to be open hearted….


There’s a sense of magic in the air when we come together to support each other in a  non-judgmental, loving and compassionate way. We can even bring harmony into our monthly menstrual cycle when we gather in a regular sister circle. As we express ourselves truthfully we can feel empowered and free to be who we truly are with no fear of judgement. This happens because we have managed to let go of judging ourselves!

We hold our circle in various locations, following the seasons and natural flow of our ever growing tribe.


My intention is to allow for the circle to have it’s own heartbeat, for it to guide us, for us to follow where it goes, and for me to lead the group as an equal sister. There’s no weird worship or ritual going on here, just women connecting and coming with an open mind to listen to each others stories, sharing gifts that we have learnt along the way. It’s a wisdom circle in which we do perform some rituals, such as writing down on a piece of paper what you want to let go of, and then burning it!

It’s all about creating a community spirit and having an open mind to be a part of something that is more connected to the heartbeat of this Earth below us, the Skies above us and the Universe which exists within.

Our next gathering is on…

Friday 24th August
Pisces Full Moon

Location will be sent via email upon booking.


Rising in


Being supported by our sisters helps us to love ourselves more deeply, causing all of our relationships to benefit as we are able to express and feel more love in each moment. In this fast-paced modern world, there are many pressures on women that can disconnect us from our natural feminine power. It is time that we goddesses gather and remember how to feel, embody and express a healthy feminine energy for ourselves and the world around us. There are many groups popping up all over, forming with good intention to heal the scars that have been imposed on our bodies, emotions and minds. We have the power to heal ourselves and clear out negative beliefs that we have inherited from the environment around us. We can come back home to our innermost divine self and remember our innate intuitive powers.

Feminine energy is creative and Masculine energy is primal. We need a healthy balance of both, internally and externally. Traditionally, men would be the hunter-gathers, protectors and builders whilst the women would be the wise decision makers with positive intentions and unconditional love. By holding a feminine circle we are tuning into and increasing our intuitive powers, learning to deeply trust our inner guidance regardless of what the mind says, thus generating new energy and creating a new world.

When we are able to operate in decision making from the heart centre, life becomes easier, free, joyful, blissful, playful, fearless, creative, harmonious, peaceful, wise, the list goes on…. Join us! xo

“The mind is a servant, the heart is the master” – OSHO

We do various activities such as

Vision boarding




Card reading

Talking, sharing stories and ideas

Intention setting

Arts and crafts

Would you like to join us?

We are continuously expanding and going with the flow, growing organically whilst gathering a tribe of light workers, healers, creatives and free thinkers to be a part of the movement.

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