Private Tuition

A private session is great if you have specific needs that need managing, or a specific goal that you would like to achieve.

If you are a beginner and you want to get ready to join my group classes with one to one coaching and support that will build your confidence and prepare you for the pace of a class. I hold a variety of classes that we can choose from which will suit your needs.

I can tailor your sessions to suit your needs in endless ways. We can work on improving your physical ability, emotional intelligence, energetically, mental health and spiritual development. if you take the time to send me an in depth list of all that you would like to receive, achieve, learn and experience from our time spent together, I can tailor a course that is best for you.


Where and when?

I can invite you into my home which is a humble, cosy and small space, or I can travel to your desired location (pricing below is within a 5 mile radius). Alternatively, we can organise group sessions if you would like to split the costs. I am open to your specific needs.
I am also available for corporate events.

Private Tuition

The Exchange

Special discounts available when booking 5 week courses

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