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Would you like to feel calmer, clearer, happier, more balanced, joyful and blissful?

The wonderful thing about yoga is that is works holistically on your health and wellness, at all levels of your being. Yoga transforms us physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally and spiritually. We can positively reprogram ourselves with ancient practices that suit modern life. I merge the teachings of Yoga and Tantra to help you to remember the truth of your existence, which is to be living in bliss on Earth as a human being, experiencing life and feeling amazing at the same time!

My gift is in reconnecting you with the source of bliss, guiding you to feel the energy of your heart, live in alignment with your intuition, regain a deep sense of trust in yourself and others, and remember how to love yourself unconditionally.


6 Week Program

♡ A deep dive into your journey, hopes and desires with continuous reassessment of what is needed for you to be living your best life.

♡ Personalised Yoga Nidra 😇 especially for you, to access the deeper parts of yourself and experience profound relaxation bliss ✨

♡ Energy healing to raise your vibration and align you with your true self.

◇ Traditional yoga practices to increase energy flow in the body, still the mind and align your human self with your soul self.

◇ Traditional tantra practices to deepen self love and experience the pleasure of being human.

◇ Meditation development for all stages from beginner to advanced.


You can read more about the style of yoga that I share on the About Akhanda Yoga page. Akhanda Yoga was created by Yogi Vishvketu from the Nath Lineage of Northern Indian, it is a traditional and holistic practice for modern day harmonious living, using ancient tools.


If you get a sense of knowing that you will benefit from working with me, like a light turning on, a magnetic pull, a feeling of excitement and fear at the same time, a BIG LOUD YES in your heart and mind… then that could be your higher self communicating with your human self saying…

“This will be good for you. Do it!”

Your soul is always trying to reach you, to communicate with you and guide you through this human life. My mission is to reconnect you with your soul’s voice, so you can feel eternally supported and guided by your higher self.

I will give you the tools to blissfully empower yourself forever more…


How it works

First you will receive a 90 minute session

30 minute talk to assess your current well-being and what you hope to get out of our time spent together

60 minute session to bring you back to your blissfully balanced self

All following sessions are 60 minutes.


Blissful Empowerment Package


6 sessions for £330


At the end of this 6 week program you will have an abundance of practices that you can use at home. I will create a daily practice with you that will suit your lifestyle and personal needs, so that you can continue to experience the benefits and evolve naturally on your own journey.


Single sessions also available for £60



I can come to you (within a certain radius) or you can come to one of the venues that I can hire in Leicester city centre, Hinckley town centre or Lutterworth town centre.



I’m offering a 30% discount (that’s £99 OFF!) to the first person to sign up for the online program!


I work intuitively to offer you what is needed in the moment and support you on your journey to optimum wellness. I make a plan for the type of practices that I will share with you and often let go of the plan, because as we start flowing the sessions create themselves.


If you’ve come this far reading it all then I am excited to work with you soon!

Please feel free to email me and tell me about yourself and what you’re seeking. I’m very flexible (haha… always funny to say that when you’re a yoga teacher! 😉) I’m open to talk about any way that I can support you on your journey


Unconditional Love
Ananda x

Private Sessions

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Special discount available when booking 6 sessions

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