One to One

Guiding and supporting you on your journey back to your true self.

Welcome beloved

With the way things are at the moment, we are all learning to adapt, I’ve found ways to stay in contact with you all online, and now I am offering more personalised sessions for you…



Personalised Guidance

‘videos, audios and messages’


This service is unique to you and your needs, here are some options to explore…

Personalised videos (stored privately  – I’ll send you the link to access)

Recorded audios on whats app (yours to keep)

Ways to connect virtually : Whats app video/voice/messages – Google Meet – Zoom – Instragram – Messenger



£20 per session

(30 – 45 min session + video or audio guidance for you to keep)


Monthly Support


 “With you every step of the way”  


Each month you will receive a One to one session which includes…

   –   Personalised Guided Meditation/Relaxation – A meditation/relaxation plan + an audio guided meditation/relaxation to keep.
–   Personalised Guidance – Share with me what you wish to achieve and I will guide you with practices.
–   Extra support in whats app chat



£60 per month


One to One


A personalised holistic healing journey.

In these sessions I create for you a personalised practice that works on your physical body, emotional wellness, energetic vibration, mental clarity and spiritual development. You are so much more than just your physical body, your emotions and your memories/thoughts. I am here to guide you into the deeper source within you that is blissful, joyful and incredibly content already. Once you access this place of inner blissfulness then your physical body responds, your emotional balance responds, your energy responds and your mind responds. This is the purpose of Bliss Mission – to reconnect you with your bliss so that everything else in your human experience naturally aligns to it’s optimum potential.



£60 per session


6 Week Program


Yoga – Meditation – Healing – Love – Support and a Personalised Plan to take home and continue on your journey.

Reflection, Philosophy, Spiritual Guidance, Akhanda Yoga (includes asana, pranayama, mudra, kriya, mantra, meditation and relaxation) Personalised Meditation, Personalised Yoga Nidra, Sound and Energy Healing.

My aim is to give you the tools so that you don’t have to come and see me forever, so that you can become your own healer, and I will always be here for you should you need me. 


Reflection: You can share with me what you are experiencing and what you truly wish to experience.

Philosophy: I can share knowledge with you that is relevant for your journey.

Spiritual Guidance: Guiding your heart/mind back to your spirit.

Akhanda Yoga: You can read more here: About Akhanda Yoga

Personalised Meditation: I will give you a meditation technique to practice regularly and we will practice together.

Personalised Yoga Nidra: This is a therapeutic healing experience of deep relaxation for the mind, body and soul.

Sound and Energy Healing: Our bodies are a high percentage of water; I use sound and energy healing to bring harmony into your whole being.

Personalised Plan: Together we will design a realistic plan with all you need to know about how to maintain your practices at home.





Working With Me


I will give you everything in return for your commitment to yourself
If you are serious about making positive changes in your life,
I would love to support you on your journey.

We all need a little and a lotta love and support along the way,

I can hold space for you to grow
and do know
that when we work together
you will have me with you
after the session has ended

You will be held in my heart/mind
you will be held in my prayers


"Ananda is absolutely amazing! Can’t speak highly enough of this wonderful lady, 
she’s helped me soooo much through one to one sessions. 
If you’re happy to check your ego in at the door, open your mind, 
put in work on a personal level, 
Ananda will be there to guide you on your journey every step of the way"

- Suky Rai


Email, text or call me and we will see if we can work together to bring more bliss into your life.


Unconditional Love

Ananda Ma

(Hayley Shaw)


Private Sessions

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Special discount available when booking 6 sessions

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