Healing Meditation Circle

(held online via zoom)


‘Uplifting each other and Meditating together’

These circles are a space to share, heal, uplift, let go of the past, let go of the future, become present, meditate and raise your vibration in a loving space. We are in the midst of three powerful Eclipses from June 5th to July 5th. It’s a transformative time for us all, so I’ve created this online space for you to connect with like minded souls, clear your energy/emotional body, calm your nervous system/physical body and focus your mind for greater clarity and peace.



Energy Healing Meditation

Sharing Circle (optional)

Mantra Meditation


How to Join



Upcoming Dates

Friday 19th June at 5.55pm

Sunday 5th July at 5.55pm


With all my love



Meditation Master Circle

(held online via zoom)


“A positive environment for you to reflect and develop your mind in profound ways”


Myself and Bahadur Singh would like to welcome you to this online space for wisdom sharing and mantra meditation.

We will practicing an ancient meditation technique for liberation of the mind.


A Divine Blessing

We are very fortunate to have a teacher who comes from four generations of wisdom lineage sharing with us in this circle.

In this circle you will learn how the mind functions and how to control it, you will spend time sitting and meditating with a master of meditation.


“You will learn how the mind thinks, how to control it and how to transcend it”


In our first circle we talked about the three gunas of the mind (the three stages) which are the tamasic mind (lazy and dense) the rajasic mind (active, having desires) and the sattvic mind (more content, focused on the good).

When we are stuck in the tamas mind we are in a state of inertia. The mind becomes foggy and dense. There is a lack of motivation and you lose the active nature of the mind.

When we are overactive in the rajas mind we are having too many desires and too many goals all the time.

When we are mostly in the sattva mind then we are focused mostly on doing good but we can be prone to ego and overly proud.

As we learnt in our last circle – it is important to balance all three stages of the mind to live a harmonious life with ourselves, our loved ones and the divine.

Beyond these three stages of the mind is a state of nirvana in which you are flowing in divine will, giving with no ambitions or desires, working effectively and living with a sense of divine duty.


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