Full Moon Meditations 

Every month around the time of the full moon I will be holding a 30 minute guided meditation via zoom.

On the evening of Sunday 8th March I will be holding space and channeling the Full Moon in Virgo energies to share with you, guiding you to tune in to the energies with me.

Group meditation is so powerful. Our last gathering online felt extra special and I feel this will build in energy the more we connect and meditate together.

The great thing about online meditation is that you’re in the comfort of your own home, so you can continue to meditate for as long as you like when the online meeting ends.


1. Book here: www.blissmission.co.uk/class-schedule/
2. You will receive the link to join the meditation.
3. Download the zoom app onto your device.
4. Find a comfortable place to sit and join the meditation.

You may like to use headphones to ensure that you are not disturbed by outside noise.



TIME: 8.00PM – 8.30PM

Bring a glass of water and get comfy <3 

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