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“Though the first few sessions were a bit of a struggle, there was no sense of pressure, and now yoga is a part of my life due to the way Hayley leads us, always with a smile, the combination of gentle words and gentle sounds is a cool balm in this mad house called modern life.” Steven Pitts


“Last weekend my wife and I took part in a yoga/meditation retreat over the course of one day. It was incredibly insightful, and a wonderful experience. Highly recommend it. Hayley made smoothies and a refreshing vegan lunch for our particular event. I love that with Hayley, she is very neutral, positive and respectful. Thank you for this, excited to see you again for more!!” Simon Colman


“Hayley is a great teacher and really friendly in her approach, she teaches so many little extras as part of her yoga class and is always willing to share her knowledge and help out with anything you want to know.¬†Thank you Hayley for sharing your ‘amazingness’ with us!” Sara Bates


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