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Taking you beyond the mind – into bliss.

Ānanda (Sanskrit: आनन्द) translates to bliss, joy and happiness.

In the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita, ānanda is a state of eternal bliss which can be accessed through the practice of yoga.

Ananda maya kosha is the subtlest layer of our being which is resting in eternal blissfulness, and during my time in the Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram I was lucky enough to receive guidance and experience from Yogrishi Vishvketu Ji of the Nath Lineage, on how to access the ananda maya kosha. This experience was life changing and it has inspired me to share it with the world too.

Bliss Mission focuses on experiential and educational journeys for individuals and groups, to connect with ananda maya kosha frequently in yoga classes, meditation sessions and special events.

The Mission is to help you to attain and maintain your connection with ananda maya kosha (your blissful self).



Bliss exists within, It is ever present and available for us to re-connect with at any moment. This experience of blissfulness brings about incredible transformation for the mind, body and soul. We find ourselves living in greater harmony, balance, peacefulness and contentment in all areas of our lives. We learn to accept life and all of its challenges as they come and go. We remain the same, unaffected by external influences when we learn and practice the art of resting in our bliss.


Meditation has the power to awaken a sense of knowing ones purpose and mission. It helps us to remove the layers of misconceptions and reveal our true self. I share with you the teachings that re-connect us with the source of bliss. We all have a mission, and my mission is to guide you back to yours by giving you the tools to attain and maintain your blissful connection to your true self and the ultimate source of existence.



Your bliss is inside of you,

Your contentment is inside of you,

All that you seek is inside of you,

and until you taste this sweet truth,

you won’t understand it, but it is true.

All that you seek is inside of you,

Your home is inside of you,

You don’t have to go anywhere, yet you can go everywhere,

You don’t have to find anything, as it is already here,

You don’t have to find anyone, you were never alone,

You are already complete, and so so beautiful and divine.

You have to quiet your mind,

Go – Deep Inside,

All the answers lie within,

Be still,

Practice your mantra,


Reflect and listen; listen to what is there.

Clean up your mind, become pure,

Clean up your body, become pure,

Clean up your heart and mind, and then…

You will discover your true self,

was always there,

waiting to be felt,

waiting to be enjoyed.

The divine lives inside of you,

Would you like to meet it?

You can re-unite,



recognise your true self.

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Growing and Evolving

“Love that we can laugh and enjoy it together and never made to feel like a failure but to celebrate each new achievement our bodies accomplish. Positivity and calmness exude from Hayley and I thoroughly enjoy our sessions. Namaste!” Wendy Hurst


“Hayley has a genuine passion for her art and clients, following her innate wisdom,intuiton, and passion, she is committed to making a difference to her students.” Rich Hobbs

Master NLP practitioner and lifecoach

“It’s not about the moves it’s about the fact that Hayley gives you the belief and confidence that you can do them. Her calm and warm nature allows you to explore your own ability knowing that she’s there. She pushes but doesn’t harm (your confidence and your body!)” Mavis Tweddle



Bliss Mission has it’s own heartbeat. We are continuously evolving, expanding and going with the flow of divine nature…

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