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Ananda, Hayley, Ananda Ma, Hayley Ji, Ananda Ji, Ananda Prem… It’s all good for me. I have many names!

My yoga journey

My first step onto a yoga mat was in 2006, and what a journey it has been! In 2012 I went on my first yoga retreat and it changed my life forever. I was desperate to pull myself out of anxiety and depression; I felt lost and overcrowded with other peoples thoughts and feelings. I had an intense desire to STOP EVERYTHING and listen to my soul; I knew that if I could get away from the outside noise, then I would hear the answers within myself and everything would be okay. I took a leap of faith with that retreat because I had to leave my full time job in order to go! When you know that your soul is calling you, you have to listen, trust and follow the signs. Every morning we would wake at 5.00am to practice meditation and Akhanda yoga on the roof top of the casa in Spain. As I sat there I realised how much noise there was in my own mind and I dedicated myself to cleaning it up. Over the years I have transformed myself beyond recognition by practicing the eight limbs of yoga. I am now dedicated to sharing this path of liberation with the ones who feel called to learn and practice with me.

Becoming a yoga teacher

I received my certification to teach Akhanda Yoga in 2014 at the Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh, North India. I spent three months in the ashram; one month training and two months teaching the daily class in the yoga and meditation hall. When my visa ran out I travelled to Nepal and I was carried by grace to land at the ‘Osho Jetban Spiritual Village’ where I was blessed to meet and experience the presence of an enlightened master – Swami Anand Arun. Swami ji was under Osho’s discipleship in Pune and he has built three communes in Nepal to keep sharing the teachings. Many blessings were bestowed upon me through being in Swami ji’s presence. I immersed myself into the Osho community in Lumbini (Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death place), Pokhara and Kathmandu. I eventually went on to sit ten days silently in Vipassana Meditation and during these ten days I attained much peace which has been with me ever since. It was during this time that I was given the name Ma Anand Prema ‘Mother of Blissful Joy and Divine Love’. The name has taken me on a journey of blessings. In 2016 I received the name of my mission to be ‘Bliss Mission’ when I was in deep meditation. Bliss Mission is my heart and soul. I am surrendered in my service to be a vehicle for the divine to work through me. This is my Dharma (Life Mission) and it brings me joy to share it with you.

A bit more

About Me

After years of planning and wishing for something that I didn’t have to make me feel whole, complete and happy, I came to realise that the only place that happiness exists is in the present moment. I stopped chasing and learnt to be present with myself by practicing the teachings of yoga. Yoga is an incredibly vast tradition with a great deal to offer. My passion is in sharing these teachings with you, as they were once shared with me.

The journey of Yoga has led me to living in alignment with my dharma (life purpose/mission) which I am supremely grateful for. Finding your unique path of truth is extremely liberating and once you are on it, life becomes lighter, more joyful, free flowing, abundant and you feel very blessed.

My mission is to guide you on your own sacred path of self realisation.


Thank you to Vishva ji for sharing the magical practice of Akhanda Yoga. Thank you for being the one to guide me back to my blissful self.

Thank you to Chinmayi Dore for introducing me to Akhanda Yoga, Shamanic Yoga and for your continuous support. I have much of my health, happiness and success to thank you for. I can’t thank you enough!

Thank you to my family for supporting me in all of my decisions, no matter how difficult my choices were for you to accept. I hope you can now see how important all that travelling was! Thank you for always encouraging me to follow my heart regardless of how difficult it was for you to see me go. I can’t express how much I love you all.

Thank you to all my Bliss Warriors who have been on this journey with me so far. Thank you for always showing up with a dedication to practice, for supporting me and believing in me and my ability to achieve my Bliss Mission. Thank you for helping me to grow into the teacher that I am today. Your love and support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all who have challenged me the most! I am immensely grateful to you for being my greatest teachers and bringing forth the opportunity to grow, evolve, better myself and learn to love myself and all of you more deeply. Thank you for teaching me UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Thank you to my Higher Self and Divine Source for continuously guiding me.

May we all rise together…

Namaste x

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Bliss Mission has it’s own heartbeat. It is continuously evolving (as we all are), expanding and going with the flow of divine nature.

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