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My name is Hayley Shaw and I have created Bliss Mission to provide you with blissful experiences in yoga, meditation and sound therapy. My vision is to bring together all who are called to join our ever-growing tribe! I collaborate with others and together we share the teachings of ancient traditions that can improve your overall health and well being. Our health is not just in our physical bodies, it’s also mental, emotional and energetic. The experiences that we will share with you have the potential for transformation on all levels. We want you to feel comfortable so we create a safe and nurturing environment for you to have the opportunity to transform.

I currently hold regular events and yoga classes in Leicestershire with the intention to travel across the UK and World to beautiful locations!

I will be filling this website with juicy content so be sure to keep returning, diving in and exploring!

I pray that there is magic in this artificial medium, for you to find exactly what you need right now.


With love and gratitude

Hayley x

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Book two 5 week courses, get £20 off your third using code:


1. Bookings must be made separately before a coupon can be applied (e.g. buy one course full price, buy your second with coupon). 2. Coupons can only be redeemed on the first week of each 5 week course, single classes do not apply. 3. Coupons only valid on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday 9am courses. 4. Coupons can only be redeemed when booking courses running in conjunction (discount is available when practicing two or three times per week) For more information, read the full Terms & Conditions

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Yoga has improved my life in so many magical and unexpected ways. I love to share the teachings as I know the power within them. If you choose to follow this path with me, you will see how the yoga journey brings us closer to recognising and living in alignment with who we truly are. My mission is to help you to reveal a lighter, happier and more blissful version of yourself!

Hayley Shaw

Director, Bliss Mission

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