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My name is Ananda-Hayley (I go by Hayley, Ananda or Ananda-Hayley) and I created BM in 2016 after a life changing trip to India and Nepal. My transformation actually began much earlier, in Spain in 2012, and I am now sharing the teachings and practices which have changed my life in a profound way. I came from a life of insecurity, self harm and self destruction to a new way of living in alignment with yogic virtues which have and continue to build a new foundation for my life. I am still on this journey of self discovery and healing, amazed by the support and guidance we can receive when we live in alignment with the higher power that loves and guides us all.

I have surrendered my life to be guided by a higher power which you will often hear me calling ‘The Divine Source’

It guides me in each moment.

It is my mission to maintain my own connection with Divine Source continuously, in order to share it with you and live out my purpose in this life.



In yoga we call our purpose our ‘dharma’ and when we live in alignment with our dharma (which is being of service to The Higher Power/Divine Source) then we receive an abundance of blessings in blissful, joyful, radiant energy which never ends. It is infinite, expansive, playful, free flowing energy which we can ‘be’ if and when we choose to surrender to that Higher Power/Divine Source which loves and guides us all (if we are willing to surrender and listen).

So, it is my mission to assist you in connecting with Divine Source through the yogic practices that I live by and know they work,


I have connected with my own natural abilities of energy healing transmissions to assist in the healing journey of humanity and the collective.


So, if you feel called to reach out to me, connect and journey together ~ feel free

I offer online and in person one to one sessions + occasional events + our Bliss Retreat in Wales this year has 2 spaces available!

With love and an abundance of blessings

Ananda Ma ~ Hayley Shaw xo

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Yoga has improved my life in so many magical and unexpected ways. I love to share the teachings as I know the power within them. If you choose to follow this path with me, you will see how the yoga journey brings us closer to recognising and living in alignment with who we truly are. My mission is to help you to reveal a lighter, happier and more blissful version of yourself!

Ananda Hayley Shaw

Founder, Bliss Mission

Bliss Mission

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