On a Mission for Global Bliss since 2016


‘Uniting you with your true self which is resting in blissful awareness’


It is my mission to share with you the ways that you can journey back home to yourself,
and find that resting at the source of your existence is a blissful, loving awareness.
Bliss Mission takes you on an educational and experiential journey,
back home to the source.



I’m Ananda (my spiritual name) which means Blissful & Joyful. My birth name is Hayley which I still go by too ūüôā

I received the message from Source to create Bliss Mission in 2016 to guide us all back home to our bliss!

This mission is my heart and soul. I am dedicated to our liberation every day.

By repeatedly holding experiences for you to connect to anandamaya kosha (blissful self), we are all raising our consciousness to bliss, together <3

Bliss Mission is a space for us all to share our wisdom and knowledge. I share what has been handed to me by my teachers, and channel the messages that come through me as a result of my own spiritual awakening.

Each experience is unique as it is channeled in the present moment.

I share ancient wisdom of the Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras and more…


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Would you like to know what bliss feels like?

How it feels to be joyful, blissful and bursting with life?

To be more peaceful, present and focused?

Bliss Mission is here to guide you back home – to your bliss, joy, abundance, contentment, inner security, inner freedom and peacefulness.

We all have an abundance of divine flowing energy within us.

Bliss Mission offers you a way to uncover that blissful source within yourself, through individual and group experiences, and by giving you the tools to access and maintain your blissful self anytime, anywhere.

Anandamaya kosha is our blissful layer of self, beyond the mind. It is my mission to take you beyond your mind, to connect with your blissful essence.

The more frequently we connect with anandamaya kosha, the more we feel it in every moment, and then life becomes a blissful, joyful, abundant, free flowing expression of Divinity on Earth.

This is my wish for all beings – to experience and live in alignment with this bliss.

We are changing the world

Come join us!

All my/our Love

Ananda x 
and the Bliss Mission Community

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Yoga has improved my life in so many magical and unexpected ways. I love to share the teachings as I know the power within them. If you choose to follow this path with me, you will see how the yoga journey brings us closer to recognising and living in alignment with who we truly are. My mission is to help you to reveal a lighter, happier and more blissful version of yourself!

Ananda Hayley Shaw

Founder, Bliss Mission

Bliss Mission

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