You are Blissful Awareness


 Did you know that there is a deep silence within you?

There is bliss within you.

You simply have to remove the barriers that prevent you from experiencing this.

One of my teachers says: “Your true nature is blissful, playful, joyful, fearless and expandable!” – Yogrishi Vishvketu

By dedicating myself to my own spiritual journey, I recognised this sacred truth and since then I have been devoted to sharing it with others.

I received the name Ma Anand Prema which means Mother of Bliss and Divine Love during my time in India and then in Nepal with the Osho community the name was shortened to Ananda Ma.

Here you will find access to online yoga classes, online meditation group, online mini-retreat days and holistic yoga journeys.

You can journey one to one with me.

It is my mission is to unite you with your true self that is blissful awareness.


With love



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Yoga has improved my life in so many magical and unexpected ways. I love to share the teachings as I know the power within them. If you choose to follow this path with me, you will see how the yoga journey brings us closer to recognising and living in alignment with who we truly are. My mission is to help you to reveal a lighter, happier and more blissful version of yourself!

Hayley Shaw

Founder, Bliss Mission

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