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Hi, my name is Hayley and I created Bliss Mission to share with you the practices that have transformed my life in positive ways that I could never have imagined! In 2012 my heart centre started to communicate with me with bursts of joy and tingling light; Immense beauty that I cannot describe. It told me to journey deeper into my yoga practice, I listened, I followed my heart and it led me to Akhanda Yoga, Spain, India, Nepal, Osho, Buddha, Vipassana and back home to share…

Today, I share all that pours through my heart and soul as a result of the transformation that I went through by embarking upon my spiritual journey. My mission is to uplift, enlighten, love and support those who feel called to join me on this journey. Yoga is the foundation of my spiritual practice, and that doesn’t mean postures. What I actually practice is a continuous meditation. I live my life with awareness on all that rises and falls and I practice maintaining a balance that sits in the middle of it all, whilst emptying my mind which allows the divine truth to enter and be expressed through me. My mission is to stay a vehicle for the divine to work through me. My life is in complete surrender to the higher power that flows through us all. I have learnt the tools to tap into it and stay connected with it, and that is what I now share with you…

You can join me online and in person / in groups and one to one. I hold weekly yoga classes in Narborough and monthly healing events in Bagworth and Leicester. I collaborate with sound healers to create deeply relaxing and spiritually transformative experiences. My passion is in educating you with all that I know and taking you on an experiential journey at the same time.

It feels so good to be back! March – September 2020 was a cocoon time for me. I went deep within myself and now I feel like the butterfly is ready to fly again, with new wisdom and colour to share.


Ananda x 

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Yoga has improved my life in so many magical and unexpected ways. I love to share the teachings as I know the power within them. If you choose to follow this path with me, you will see how the yoga journey brings us closer to recognising and living in alignment with who we truly are. My mission is to help you to reveal a lighter, happier and more blissful version of yourself!

Ananda Hayley Shaw

Founder, Bliss Mission

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